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Movie Film

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Film transfer service: AJ Video Services has been restoring, converting, digitizing, and transferring film since 1992 with guaranteed results. We are fast, reliable, safe, trustworthy, and personal. Make an appointment today, and ask us at your consultation why we are unique, and how we differ from other media conversion companies.

** AJ Video Services does NOT develop film. We only accept DEVELOPED film. **

I had 40 year old super 8 reel videos converted to digital format and the owner takes time to explain the process used and then performs the work. I was amazed with the quality of the videos after such a long period of time sitting on a shelf. The videos bring back memories and now can be shared easily with friends. Thank you AJ Video Services!

Rob W.

I was so happy and pleased with the work done on my old family films. The film was crystal clear and the music behind it was just lovely... I highly recommend this business to anyone looking to transfer their old family movies. Just perfect!

Jen C.

I highly recommend AJ Video Services for not only their expertise in digitization but for their compassion and understanding of the contents being digitized. They helped us preserve videos from the 1980’s that are simply priceless, in fact one tape they salvaged was deemed unsalvageable by one of the large digital conversion players. A big thank you from me and our entire family, AJ Video Services!

Ian F.

What a great job taking 8mm film and VCR tapes I found in my moms basement, some of it water damaged, and cleaning it, sorting through it and getting it digitized and organized. These are moments that me, my kids and all of our relatives will forever be grateful to you for saving and allowing us the opportunity to see our great, great relatives. Thanks you so much!

Mark W.

Simply Marvelous! AJ Video Services made "something" out of "nothing." They made my 50+ year old (and damaged) video reels into an electronic file that I was able to post to YouTube. AMAZING WORK!! While they were not able to salvage everything from the reels....they did a wonderful job with what they had to work with. Jim is an excellent communicator, a creative force, and truly cares about the precious memories that you entrust into his care. I can't thank Jim and his staff enough!!!