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Transfers • Repairs • & More

Media we work with:
Cassette tape
Micro cassette tape
Reel-to-reel audiotape
Phonograph records
Digital files
& more…

We work with both analog and digital media. See also Digital Media

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Great! Extremely Knowledgeable! Honest!very reasonably priced!!!Highly Recommend!

Dawn W.

Awesome to work with—flexible, committed & totally professional. I highly recommend!

Julianna H.

Great service -- Jim is very knowledgeable, client-focused and patient.

Shamona A.

AJ Video is a great place. These guys are here to serve, and they do a great job. They have helped me with a few jobs over the past few years and I have developed a great relationship with them.

Ben O.

My wife Lynn and I think Jim and his crew do a great, professional, knowledgeable job. Jim explains all the options and helped us decide just what we wanted done. He then followed through and did everything we had asked for.

Lynn N.

AJ Video Services is the kind of business I like giving my money to. Real customer service, high quality work and a pride of ownership that makes you appreciate the final product that much more. I recommend Jim of AJ for all of your media needs.

C. Cage

Cassette to CD transfer was great. Superb sound quality. Great to hear "12 Bars From Mars" by Lenny White and "Two Hands" by King Crimson along with other songs from the 1980s.

P. Nelson

AJ Video is exactly the highly competent, straightforward, no nonsense and friendly service provider that individual customers should look for. They especially look after people who may not know much about media conversion services. Results are top notch, the price is reasonable and the customer service is unbeatable.